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Foreign trade clerk

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for new customer development;

2, new and old customers order communication, follow-up, orders and shipment related information preparation, delivery, customer feedback and so on, continue to follow up;

3, customer information collection, analysis, exhibition customers and competitors;

4, customer sales data arrangement and management;

5, foreign trade quotation sheet arrangement and update;

6. Complete the exhibition, prepare the corresponding work and the work during the exhibition;

7, responsible for the foreign trade department of the company's new progress information follow-up and share;

8, the company copy school equivalence;

9. Cooperate with other colleagues in the department.

Job requirements:

Business English major, college degree or above;

More than 3 years sales experience in foreign trade, good command of English language, listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;

Have the passion for work and study of business, and have the patience and detail to handle details;

Good communication skills and good coordination skills for emergency handling;

Good sense of responsibility and team spirit, can work under high pressure; with relevant working experience in international trade, familiar with foreign trade business processes, there are certain online operations (Amazon) experience, with independent development and international customer experience, have priority in the same industry experience.

Marketing Specialist

Job responsibilities:

1, writing product promotion program, promotion plan, focusing on product promotion, web thematic planning;

2, the company's official website text content;

3, combined with the company's product characteristics, for the post bar, talk about, foreign media (Network), micro-blog and other contributions to write;

4, according to the market and media platform to confirm the type and style of manuscript, and write the corresponding manuscript;

5. Collect media and product information and adjust writing style and style in time;

6, assist other colleagues to deal with the company, enterprise propaganda and text related work.

Job requirements:

More than 3 years working experience in marketing planning or editing;

Familiar with network marketing, network sales platform should have a corresponding understanding;

Have a certain understanding of electronic products, have a strong knowledge of the text, you can think about the text, and not for words to ponder;

Have a certain understanding of consumer psychology, can combine company products to consumer progress analysis; have excellent planning and creative ability and activity plan writing ability.

Graphic Designer

Job responsibilities:

1, majoring in art and design, and engaged in the design of more than 3 years work experience;

2, have good art foundation, have good artistic appreciation and unique creative idea;

3, responsible for website creation, design, page making and web advertising, related pictures, dynamic effects and so on;

4, with the product development schedule to complete the design work, and timely relevant business proposals and solutions;

5, passionate about design industry.

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