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Shenzhen city Antenajie Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2010, located in Shenzhen Guangming power torch high tech park, is committed to the system of mobile communication network optimization solutions, network optimization supporting products, RF module, RF passive devices such as product development, development, production and sales.

The company has assembled a group of experienced mobile radio frequency research and development team and management team. The development of the company has a team of 80 people, in their understanding of technology and grasp, in the market development and management of the company, in product development and sales and other aspects have great knowledge and rich experience. Their excellent R & D technology ensures the long-term development of the company. The company's main business covers product development and production of special products, wireless testing services for wireless indoor, indoor coverage system design and optimization, network optimization services; wireless network with the deepening of the construction companies in the area, domain coverage continues to increase investment in the industry, first proposed the intelligent repeater product ideas, and the concept into actual products, integration of a variety of solutions for different coverage area, the product has been widely used and achieved wide acclaim users, always lead the development direction of repeater industry. We will be based on the market to support rigorous work style, sincere attitude, professional and perfect customer service service, committed to the development and promotion of the most advanced products and technologies, in a faster and more efficient service to thank our customers for our support, contribute to the development of China communication industry the.

[R & D capability]The company relies on radio Xi'an's rich talent advantage, set up by the well-known colleges and universities, Professor of research and development team, with a deep understanding of the communication technology, combined with the development of the industry, to provide a basis for product innovation and technology leadership.

[Throughput]The company has nearly 1000 square meters of modern production workshop, more than 20 radio frequency instruments, as well as the industry's excellent supply chain strategic partners.

[Quality Assurance]The company has established the 6Sigma quality management process, has formulated the complete product quality traceability process, from the product design, the supply chain, the production, the delivery each link, guaranteed each product quality stability.

[Technical support]The company has professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales technical support team, has a wealth of technical accumulation, document guidance book, providing the basis for product applications.

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